Sunday, April 12, 2009

Great New Campaign Insider Book Released

One of the great things about being a political junkie is that there is a never-ending supply of reading material on campaigns, political strategy, candidates, tactics - and on and on and on. Once a campaign ends - particularly one of the presidential variety - the flood of books and analytical articles and essays provides enough material to keep me occupied for quite some time.

Behind-the-scenes books from the perspective of a key staffer, consultant or insider always provide the most interesting reads, and in recent days I found out about one that should be just as interesting. Written by Katherine Morrison, An Independent Call follows the 2008 Republican primary in New Hampshire and continues through the general election, and does so from the point of view of an independent voter who becomes involved in the process as a campaign volunteer. As Katherine said when telling me about the book, "It relates my experience in attending the Republican National Convention as well as becoming a blogger. An overview of the role the internet played during the election (along with a nod to some of the McCain volunteer groups), as well as a critique of the most biased media performance seen in recent years, is also included. Yet much of 'An Independent Call' relates the amusing experiences that occur during a campaign, and it is a humorous look at my personal experience of being rather ill-suited for the political arena."

The book has only been out a short time but is already being well received by the residents of the state who figure so prominently through the course of the narrative. Even elected officials are enthusiastic about Katherine's book; Rockingham County Commissioner Maureen Barrows has praised it as "a must read for anyone interested in the day to day life of a volunteer in a political campaign...attention to detail is brilliant."

If this sort of campaign/political narrative appeals to you, I would encourage you to take a look at An Independent Call; I think you'll find it very enjoyable. To help tempt you further, information on ordering the book as well as excerpts from a few of the chapters can be found by clicking here.

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