Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Chairman Frank Goes to School

I sometimes feel that students in this country are not taken seriously by their elders -- or elected officials -- when it comes to matters of politics, finance or public policy. As such, I'm always extremely pleased when anyone takes advantage of the opportunity -- and their right -- to question their elected officials and if warranted call them to the mat.

Harvard Law School student Joel Pollak did that very thing when Congressman Barney Frank appeared on campus on April 6 to give a talk to a group of students. Pollak took the opportunity to question the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee about a variety of issues relating to the nation's current financial situation, and refused to back down when Frank tried to belittle, dismiss and generally talk down to him. As Frank says in the video (prior to yet another insult), students do have a First Amendment right to ask questions -- and I'm so glad Pollak did just that.

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